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亮片顏彩 + 護唇膏 | 觀察家探險套組




亮片在一公分不到的範圍內閃耀著不同的色彩,擁有不同的形狀甚至反光的方式,將其比擬為浩大宇宙中的星塵,觀察繪製並且以高彩度的riso印刷展現其閃耀奪目特質。除視覺上的差異外,也代表著不同的個性,分別為自我主義者,其中包含美少年少女、米蟲、玻璃心;以及宇宙大同,蝴蝶生的真美麗 、海洋世界、花卉叢林。以插圖方式欣賞之餘,也以顯微鏡玻片真實呈現迷你星塵。


Glitters sparkle holographic colors within space that is smaller than one square centimeter, shimmering in varieties of shapes, and reflecting lights in different angles.IVORYHIPPO marks glitters as metaphor of stardust in galaxy, she observed, painted, and printed with Risograph print, offering high values and saturated colors, to showcase its’ brilliant characteristics.Apart from visual differences, they also represent distinctive personalities, which are egocentrism and the world of the universe. Egocentrism characters are  “the Young and the Fabulous”, “Idle” and “Butthurt”, while the world of the universe includes “Beauty of Metamorphosis”, “Underwater Wonder World”, and “Floral Jungle”.IVORYHIPPO presents all these characters not only in illustration form but also creating real-life mini stardust in microscope slides.



『艾佛里嬉波』的 。゚+.‧.゚宇宙微生物觀察誌 。゚+.‧.゚  順利著陸


Glowing, twinkling stardust is the microorganism of the universe.
With the explosion of black hole, sparks gathered and formed into Milky Way.The observer, IVORYHIPPO,captured the personalities of cosmic dust and gave distinctive characteristics from her notes of its shapes and colors.During exploration, she collects and sells objects like alien oil and DNA of xenomorph incidentally to help out journey expenses.The Galactic Microorganism Observation Journal of IVORYHIPPO, has landed successfully. 


※ 全程經過酒精消毒器具容器以及亮片本身,亮片不規則且細碎,使用於眼周請務必小心且斟酌,清水即可卸除無需搓揉。本產品不可食用!請遠離12歲以下兒童!如遇過敏現象請以大量清水沖釋並立即就醫!

GLITTER + ROSE LIP CARE | adventure box

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