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里奧花園 為 Riso Garden 經由 google 直翻,未貼近原始讀音的轉換湊巧的給予撲朔的中文命名,同時也象徵Risograph的參數轉換,不可完全預料的視覺呈現。



The “Riso Garden” is composed with ten varieties of ink-colored prints to demonstrate the Risograph technique in a floral design.The ink colors are printed on white paper, saturated color paper, and dark paper to exhibit different development effects of the pigmentation and overlapping each other to reveal new colors simultaneously. Different visuals can be designed based on the parameter conversion performance of Gradient layer, Serif, Sans-serif, Thick/Thin lines, Vector format, and Bitmap format via Risograph .​​​​​​​


Riso Garden

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